Florida needs less liberal (or communist) pressure in the legislature.

I will put the People of Florida and Palm Beach County first, not special interests.

As your next District 26 Senator, I will support your best interests that affect your everyday life.

I am a beekeeper and I’ve got thick skin. I have taken the stings of the bees to put honey on your table.

I will take the stings of politics to put honesty in your government.

From “Save the bees” to “Save our country”, I got this. Vote for me, vote for my team, vote America First.

Your Pocket Book

Inflation is hitting us hard, and with a $14 an hour minimum wage in Florida in the near future, we need to make sure that Gas and Food doesn’t rise along with it.

Inflation is real and our personal buying power needs to be protected against Federal takings.  Alaska gives back to its citizens out of the state’s prosperity.  Why not Florida?!  It’s a prosperous state! Let’s make the people prosper too!

Your Family's Education

Let the parents be parents; teachers and school boards don’t need to control the way we raise our children.  I have had the fortune of homeschooling our kids for the last 14 years.  My wife and I ran The Palm Beach Learning Company and we have a heart for the children and families.   Whether homeschooling, public schooling, or private schooling, I will advocate for success and not neglect for our children.

Election Integrity

This is largely why I stepped up to the Political arena.  That’s right I am with you and I can smell a rat.  If you don’t think things went wrong in past elections, then you should still support that someone wants to confirm the highest level of integrity.  If you think things were not accountable, it's time to make them accountable!

How do we do this

I appreciate and support these 10  Points to Election Integrity


Pro Israel

I stand with my Jewish brothers and sisters.
I agree with what Governor DeSantis Said in June of 2021: “We all need to speak with one voice and say that antisemitism is not something that’s going to be tolerated,...We are going to stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters and we are absolutely going to stand strong in support of the Florida-Israel relationship.”
I will support the legislature on issues including Holocaust education, anti-BDS legislation, security for synagogues and Jewish day schools, and so much more.

We The People

I am not a career politician.  I don’t want to be one.  I just can read, and when the big hand comes down and starts writing on the wall I am ready to pay attention and fight.  Average people are rising up to challenge the corruption that is trying to control our lives.  As a homeschooling parent, my wife and I have studied a lot about history and government.  WOW there was a lot we were not taught 30 years ago in school.  Oh, to have greater education for our next generation; that's the goal.   And as adults, let’s never stop learning about the foundations that started this great country and brought us this far.  It wasn’t that long ago.  Let’s Make America Great Again.

Hot Issues

Insurance Law

Insurance is a powerful institution, and the propaganda about this subject is VERY concerning.  The most powerful companies in the world are insurance companies and they are padding their pockets at your expense.  I have watched this industry for 17 years, and I have seen it get worse and worse for the people.  There are better answers!  I will fight for you and call out the super-wealthy insurance companies on their deceptive self-pity, “legislative” parties, and influences.

Did you know that the insurance companies lobbied to create a law that states that if your roof is over 15 years old, insurance does not need to cover it?  We can stop the insurance companies from getting away with this without your knowledge.

Click to see Steve's personal congratulations letter from the head of the Department of Financial Services. -->


Did you know it’s not uncommon for legislators to pass unconstitutional laws?  There is a small group of lawyers, some that claim it is a generational honor, who wrote the HOA laws.   As a Senator I will see to it that the Senate writes the Laws for YOUR best interest, not the lawyers.  Local governance is more powerful than most people know, sometimes unconstitutionally powerful.  The power that HOAs and their lawyers try to yield can be tyrannical.   It’s time to restore the proper balance.  Let’s kick out the liars; vote for Steve Byers.  If you need a hero about your personal situation in an HOA, I will be that hero for you.

If you are interested, I am arguing a Motion for Summary Judgment against a Rouge "HOA"
This was post-poned due to hurricane Ian.
The hearing started on December 9, 2022, (transcript here) AND will continue on February 10, 2023, before Judge G. Joseph Curley Jr. in Courtroom 10G, Palm Beach County Courthouse,
205 North Dixie Highway, West Palm
Beach, FL 33401
You are welcome to attend live or email me for a zoom link