About Me

Hi! I am Steve Byers.   I’m what they call today a “Serial Entrepreneur.”  In the 1980s they just called it a hard working person.  At ten years old I diligently delivered newspapers, and in high school had a lawn business that made more money than most college graduates.   I went to college for Computer Engineering, worked for Bell Northern Research and developed a large Amway business.  After learning leadership and success principles, I led development teams from western Pennsylvania to North Carolina.  I started a technology consulting business culminating in projects for IBM, the CIA and federal forensic trial support.  After a solid decade in the technology business I moved on to develop businesses in aviation, real estate, education, beekeeping, insurance, and I haven’t stopped. 

My wife and I raise a family in Delray Beach, Florida, home schooling our two children ages 16 and 12. I put my whole heart into whatever I do; it is a calling more than an ambition.  Right now the calling is for our country; to preserve our future; to pursue what our founding father’s intended.  I’m not a politician and I am awkward in asking for funding.   

I will fight for the people and do the right thing,  I do not have ambitions for money or power, like so many politicians seem to have today.  Doing the right thing is actually a character trait of analytical personalities; coming from a technical background, its either right or wrong, on or off, 1 or 0.  So don’t consider giving money to me, but consider donating to the cause of righting the wrongs, and getting our government back on track; not only for us but our children and our children’s children. 

I will be a hero for you.  We can all relate to superheroes, like Captain America, James Bond, Neo in the Matrix.  How about real life heroes? Like school coaches and teachers, firefighters, policemen, and paramedics; they are there when we really need them. Vote for me and, I will put together a team of people in government and we will be there for YOU!  As your State Senator, I won’t be alone. I will surround myself with “America First”  of competent, intelligent and experienced people who will champion the cause of “We The People”.  Vote for me, and  I will make it happen.

There are few qualifications for a Republican Party candidate.  The Republican Party is wide open. We need to beat the republican RINOs (Republicans In Name Only, who bow to the schemes of the Democrats).  We need more people in the Republican Party that really represent the values of We The People!

The government should serve We The People not control We The People

And that is who I am!

Professional Background

  • 2022-Future:    We The People Advocate
  • 2021-Present:  Founder of Hilltop Christian Fellowship - Tallahassee Area
  • 2014-Present:  Insurance Claims Adjusting
  • 2013-Present:  Member of Coast Guard Auxiliary Boca Raton Flotilla 36
  • 2011-Present:  Beekeeper: Bee Healthy Honey Farms, Delray Beach, Florida
  • 2000-Present:  Aviation Industry:  Patents and worldwide supplier
  • 2014-2016:       Upward Basketball Coach
  • 2001-2014:       Audio Visual Technology and Forensic Trial Support Specialist

  • 2010-2014:       Founder of Palm Beach Learning Company
  • 2012-2013:       Honorary Commanders of Pittsburgh 911th Airlift and 171st Refueling Wings
  • 1993-2005:       Network and Server Technology Engineer (MCSE, MCT)